Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jace's Wednesday that changed our lives...

Last Wednesday Jace was running, slipped and cut his face on the edge of our wood bed frame. He was in surgery most of the night. Believe it or not many miracles happened in this process and it flowed very well. At the time it seemed like a nightmare.

I was in a 5:45 step class when it happened. Brandon ran into our bedroom to find Jace standing in a pool of blood. He then fell to the ground and proceeded to drag his face across the carpet. Brandon picked him up and started to cradle him only to find his eye sockets had filled with blood and he could no longer see his eyes. He quickly put him in our bathtub to grab a wet towel. When he came back the tub was full of blood and he realized Jace could possibly bleed to death. He threw both kids in their car seats and ran back inside to grab his phone, keys, and to spray a whole can of carpet 409 on our blood stained carpet (we received it as a wedding gift and I have never finished using it because I didn't think it worked well.) The whole time he was driving he was having the gym page me but, you can't hear pages in a class (she must have been new).

When I finally got to the ER a nurse practitioner was going to stitch Jace up. I insisted on a plastic surgeon. The staff told me that because they are a smaller hospital they do not have P.S. on staff and had we gone to a larger hospital that would have been an option. I put my foot down one more time and the P.S. was there in no time.

When the P.S. got there we realized that the cut was much worse than expected. They sent him to surgery and after recreating the muscle and fat tissue they stitched him up. The P.S. said, "that side of Jaces's face would have been paralyzed if the N.P. had stitched up the top layer of skin because she would not have known anything about the muscle being damaged." He still needs two more surgery's in the future but it is a miracle how well it looks now.

The entire process went very smoothly and we were blessed and continue to be blessed. Brandon did such an awesome job and I am so proud of him. I would have never been able to pull it off like he did had the roles been reversed. (Even the carpet looks like nothing ever happened.) Jace was on bed rest for a week. He received many packages and visitors with fun things for him to do while on bed rest. Up above is the picture of Jace's face before surgery. The white is the muscle and fat tissue. You can't help but notice he is smiling. That is how Jace approaches everything in life. We love you buddy and are so happy you are okay. Thank you everyone for your love and support.

Jace after surgery

Ashton visiting Jace while on bed rest. I think Ashton might have really come over to visit the PS2.

I think if you ask Jace he would say that this week has been the best week of his life. Missing school, soccer, primary, and swim lessons to play PS2. Enjoy it while it lasts!!

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