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Monday, January 12, 2009

Take a peek into Scarlet's first week of life...

We feel very blessed to have received all of the support and love our friends and family have shown us this past week. Our friends the Jenkins were kind enough to watch over the boys when at the last minute the Dr. decided to induce on Monday instead of Thursday (knowing my parents would not be arriving until Tuesday.)

Many have asked about the delivery and without going into too much detail because I want this post to be about Scarlet; the delivery was difficult. Even difficult to talk about. After having Scarlet the Dr. came to the realization that not only was my epidural not working it looked like the catheter had fallen out...meaning it really didn't work. After screaming, crying, and entering a state of shock the little one or should I say big one entered the world. I would have loved to have been more aware of her and my surroundings but, I guess my body did a great job of hiding a bit from me. I don't remember how many people pushed on my stomach to get her out, I don't remember seeing Brandon in the delivery, and I for sure don't remember the pushing lasting only ten minutes but, I am grateful that Scarlet was much less traumatized then Jace was when he was born and, it's amazing how in love our little family is with this sweet angel already.

Scarlet had many visitors the two days she was in the hospital.

Kim Taggart

Eleanor Bachrach

Nora Robinson

Ramona Oettli and her daughter Maria

Sarah Johnson. Sarah is so sweet. She had no idea I was stressing about not having a headband and showed up to the hospital with one that she made insisting that Scarlet could not be wheeled around the hospital without a headband.

Nonny and Poppy (my parents) left freezing cold SLC to visit us

Love at first sight...

Coming Home...

We were so very concerned with how her brother Kai would handle this change and so far he has been the sweetest little guy around.

*Whenever he hears Scarlet cry he is at her side within seconds telling her it will be all right.

*He tells us that his job when she is getting her diaper changed is to hold her hand while she cries. (he has held her hand every single time he has been home other than the middle of the night.)

*When I hear him playing Magic (what he calls make believe) Scarlets name is always mentioned and I haven't heard any Star Wars characters mentioned since she was born

*When he wakes up in the morning instead of wanting breakfast he wants Scarlet

*He has made up several new songs for her that he sings daily

*It is so sweet to hear him say, "Scarlet it's okay, you're all done, Scarlet it's okay sweetie pie you're all done."

Another great treat this past week was that Nonny and Poppy (my parents) came to visit. We had so much fun with them and miss them sooo much. They were too funny and I think their favorite part of Katy, Texas is HEB. They don't have grocery stores in AZ, CA, or UT for that matter that compare to the grocery stores in Texas.

There's nothing better than a little brotherly love...

Scarlets first at home sponge bath...

Our last event of the week was a visit from Stacy Richards. She brought Scarlet the cutest "Pinkalicious" P.J.'s and book...thanks Stacy. :-)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome Little Miss....

Scarlet Ann Walker

Born: January 5th, 2009
Arriving 4 days early
at 1:20pm

10 pounds 2 ounces

21 1/4 inches long

Mom and baby Scarlet are doing well!!

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