Thursday, July 31, 2008

I must say the funniest part about this post is that I created it a week ago knowing that I was probably having a boy yet, I did not create a boy post. I really hoped we were having a girl and this pregnancy has been different but, I still felt the odds were more in favor of a boy.
We were almost sent home from the ultrasound today not knowing what we were having because the baby was so active (strange, I feel like this baby is so calm compared to the other two). As soon as a I told the tech Brandon had flown here from Switzerland just for this she suggested we try a completely different type of ultrasound (internal). After trying different positions she saw that it was a little girl but, I questioned her expertise anyways. I asked if she promised that it was a girl..and she said that she wouldn't tell me if she wasn't sure. I then asked the final question before we all started laughing, "Are you sure you're sure?" So I guess we are sure that it's a girl.
Right after we went shopping for about five or six hours (we have the best baby-sitter) and only bought clothes for the boys. It wasn't until the last store that we bought a few girl items...and I must say that after having two boys a girl is so foreign to me in everyway.
Anyways, we are thrilled. :-)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bernstein Bear Picnic

Last week Jace was relentless on insisting that our family go on a picnic like he had read in a Bernstein Bear book. He claimed that the Bernstein Bears go on picnics everyday and our family never has (I'm sure we have but, maybe not). Finally one morning he was watching the Bernstein Bears on Sprouts and low and behold it was an episode where of course the Bernstein Bears were on a family picnic.
I agreed with Jace that we could go on a picnic that night, but was very interested in what he could possibly eat on a picnic being the health freak and picky eater he is. When I asked what he would eat on a picnic he said, "strawberries". I said, "What else?" He said, "carrots and water and that's all." After looking at his serious expression I told him we would have to pick up some chicken nuggets and fries as well or the rest of the family would starve, and thankfully he didn't it would have mattered.

After we finished eating a family walked up with their "black lab" (our families favorite kind of dog). My kids ran up and asked if they could help throw the ball in the lake for the dog to swim after.

Thanks to Jace we had a great evening together before B left for Switzerland the next morning.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

LaCenterra 5k

Kristin, Nora, Alyssa, Kim

I just ran the LaCenterra 5k with my friends Kristin, Nora, and Kim. I felt like it was a pretty easy would be nice if it continued that way throughout the rest of my pregnancy but, probably not. Thanks girls for running with was a blast!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Galveston Beach

Brandon was working from home today so we decided to head to Galveston Beach for the day.

As always, the boys were off in their own world playing Star Wars and who knows what else. At one point B walked out into the water where Jace and Kai were talking to a family. As soon as he caught up to them the mom said, "I love your boys names Luke and Matthew." What Kai had told her was, "Our names are Luke (Skywalker) and Master Windu." All he could do was laugh or I guess try to explain their imaginations to a complete stranger who probably wouldn't have cared.

On the way home I asked Jace what his favorite part of the day was. He said, "Jumping over the waves when my eyes and mouth were closed. My worst favorite part was jumping over a wave when my mouth and eyes were opened."

All tuckered out after jumping all of those waves.

When I asked Kai what his favorite part of the day was he said, "Playing in the holes they dug."

"Look mom, we found a light saber."

Can you believe sweet little Kai who can barely stand the thought of walking on the holding seaweed?

By evening we headed home, cleaned up, and ended the night with popcycles on the trampoline:)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Running from the Cold

Our good friends the Turners just moved to Alaska this past February. They decided the cold was too much and had to rush back to visit. Can you guess what they wanted to do the entire time?? Swim...and I would have done the same thing if I were to ever live in a cold place like Alaska but, I know Brandon would never consider moving me to a place that cold. :)

Nicholas, Bryce, Jace

Can you believe all three of these boys are wearing the same swimsuit from last season?? I guess we all shop at the same place or, there aren't very many to places to shop in Katy.

Cecily and the triplets: Aubry, Savannah, and Kelsey

After swimming all day, we headed over to the Jenkins for a BBQ and of course more swimming.

I guess when you've been swimming all day you end up being pretty creative with your surroundings by the end. The kids loved jumping off the wall and of course they had to do it at the same time.

I have to say I have a special place in my heart for these girls. Not because their families are close friends but, because they are in my primary class this year. We truly miss having the silliness of the triplets in our class every Sunday, but look forward to their three year assignment in Alaska to finish so they can run back to the warm for good. :-)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

No swimming and lots of creativity all at the same time...what's that??

On and off for the past two weeks my kids have not been able to go swimming. Jace got swimmers ear a couple of weeks ago and Kai got a cough that triggered his Asthma. Not being able to swim became a huge problem right away. I soon realized if I did not want them to sit in front of Rock Band or their Star Wars games all day I needed to become really creative.
Let's just say instead of working on our writing, reading, ABC's, shapes, etc. for 30 to 45 minutes we actually worked on some of this stuff for up to three hours on a few of those days. One day Jace got really bored so we worked on memorizing the location of each state. He can now tell you many of the state capitals and where most of the states are located on a blank map (we'll see if he remembers these tomorrow).

We also went to a place called Ceramics by Tess where the kids can pick out whatever ceramic piece they want to paint.

Jace's friends that painted with us. :)

If this little dragon isn't creative...I don't know what is.

One of the days we went to Wall-E which Jace absolutely enjoyed. There were a few times Kai got a little bored but, both boys squealed when the heard Wall-E call Eve Eva. They have a little friend named Eva who just moved to Dallas, and they could not believe that a robot had the same name.

Thankfully, Kai is off the steroids and Jace is off the antibiotics so we can finally head back to the pools with our friends. :-)

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