Sunday, November 4, 2007

Temple Square

This past week when we were in Utah we were able to visit Temple Square. Temple Square has come up in many of our family home evenings over the past several months and the boys were ecstatic to finally be able to see where General Conference is held every six months, the temple where mommy and daddy were married, and all of the many historical events associated with the church. It was a wonderful experience living away for the past five years to be able to visit Temple Square as a family for the first time.

Boys will be boys:) Both boys said that one of their favorite parts about visiting Temple Square was the train ride (Trax).

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Kurtis and Jen's Wedding

This past weekend (I still have to backdate this post it did not really happen this past weekend) we drove to Utah to attend one of Brandon's best friend's weddings. The wedding was absolutely beautiful.

The boys had a blast trying to find every little hiding place they could on the Temple grounds...

Later that night we attended Kurtis and Jen's reception. I think it was probably the most exciting reception we have ever attended; you see, Kurtis and Jen met in a Kung Fu class, and Kurtis was Jen's See Fu (instructor). So in honor of Kung Fu that night they had a Chinese Dragon Dance. Jace had so much fun with this:) Kai was absolutely terrified so Kai and I hid outside until the dragon was gone.

Jen, Jake, Alyssa, Brandon, Kurtis, Jen

Thanks Kurtis and Jen! We had a blast this weekend and congrats...we love you guys and are so happy for you:-)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Road Trip to Utah

I think driving to Utah from Katy, Texas is the most crazy idea we have had our entire marriage (okay, maybe not as crazy as evacuating for Hurricane Rita). Driving to SLC took 24 hours to drive one way not including stops. We had some time in our lives so we figured this was the one and only chance we would ever have to do something crazy like this. Many have asked if we would do it again? The answer is "NO"!! We stopped at maybe 13 parks and playgrounds on the way (not including the 8 McDonald's with playgrounds) and were completely exhausted when we arrived in SLC. At least, Brandon and I were.

One of the many playgrounds

Jace and Kai being goofy at the hotel in New Mexico

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