Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Valentines Day this year was full of LOVE and parties.
Scarlet had several Dr. appts. the day of Jace's party so thankfully Brandon worked from home that day. It was soo nice to be able to attend by myself and to have a little one on one time with Jace.
Miss. Tharnish and her sweet little baby Jax
Kai's school Valentine Party...
Scarlet can't get enough of Kai...she loves to always be climbing on him and to be around him.

Scarlet was very proud to receive her very first Valentine ever from her little friend Asher.


Jeni and Dave said...

Alyssa, I want to trade notes with you on Scarlet's laryngomalacia. Does she still have it? Have you had any complications with it. I can't find your email or phone number. Email me back when you can. Thanks!


Susan said...

It looks like all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. We love and miss our little Valentines! Grandma and Papa

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