Sunday, June 20, 2010

This DAD...

is the best 'DAD' we have. Every day I feel blessed that B is the father of my children. I knew he was great when I married him but, really I had no idea how great of a father he would one day be. I honestly believe that what he does best in life is father. We are fortunate that in his career his hard work has allowed him to be home with us quite often. He often says that he is so grateful for this time in our lives because he is able to spend so many hours a day with our children and he has never felt so close or such a connection with them as he does now.

This is why we love our dad...
I asked Jace his favorite memory or what he loves most about his dad and he said, "I love that dad's favorite thing is to build Lego spaceships with me because that's my favorite thing."

Kai says, "The best part about daddy is that he helps me when things are hard. Like reading, playing games, or washing my body in the bath."

When I asked Scarlet she said, "Dada, ball??" She loves to play any kind of ball with her Dada and these two have been known to sneak off to the water slides and go down time and time again!!

Happy Father's Day Dad, Daddy, Dada...we love you:)

We also love these two dad's below. We wouldn't be the people we are today without them in our lives. Happy Father's Day Dad and Steve, we love you both:-)


Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

love the pictures! hope to see an update soon, perhaps with utah pictures!! i'd love copies.

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